Profit Through People

  • We train your leaders to be profit gurus

  • Improved profitability guaranteed

  • External experts have the best outcomes

  • Supports people retention and development

Maximizing profit is more than 

just improving your bottom line

MaxProfitClub supports all sizes of business with affordable business plans, cash flow projections, operating budgets and staff and leadership training. We take a holistic approach of evaluating and forecasting your Sales, Standards, Controls and People/Culture to highlight opportunities so you can be the most profitable you can be. 

Financials Budgets/


In these trying and unprecedented times we recommend at least 2 years of revenue forecasting, operating budgets, and cash flow projections. This is mandatory for refinancing needs, staffing levels and solvency evaluation. We provide 3 iterations (Good, Bad and Ugly) of detailed financial projections at half the price of an accounting firm.

Know where you are and where you are going

Business Evaluation

With years of experience, we have learned that to be profitable all parts of your business must be good if not great. We do an evaluation of your Sales, Standards, Controls and People and provide you with a package of assessment, and a 2 year operating budget to map out a sustainable profitable business.

Know exactly where you are strong and weak

Financing and Refinancing

We have relationships with banks and a variety of lenders to support you through these frightening times. We will work together to determine what amounts you need, and what is the best way to apply this cash injection. Our flexible payment plan may allow you to pay only after you receive the cash injection. If for some reason you get denied, you don't pay.

Do you need an injection of cash or credit lines for your business. We can help.

Business Plans

Whether you are a start up, or an existing business a new business plan needs to be an annual event. A business plan is a living breathing entity that is being consistently referred to and tweaked when necessary. The business plan highlights your core vision, strategies and financial data that you and your team need to follow to be consistently profitable. 

An annual roadmap to success

Marketing Solutions

We offer solutions for digital, social and local marketing initiatives to drive more new customers to your door and inspire your existing customers to increase frequency of visits. We also measure your current standards and execution to ensure we are always driving new customers to an elite experience. This will inevitably lead to more organic growth were profitability soars.

Grow and engage your customers 

Bookkeeping and
Tax services

Not only is bookkeeping with a business advisory firm less expensive than an accountant, but a business advisor will give you detailed strategies and tactics that an accounting firm just can't facilitate. MaxProfitClub also partners with Corporate tax companies that can complete your taxes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional accounting firm. Every penny counts...

Spend your time with customers and staff,

not in the office

Management and
Associate Training

At MaxProfitClub we recommend clients always select the associates with the best attitude, not necessarily the most experience, and train them to perfection. This philosophy leads to better buy in, a better culture, lower attrition and higher standards. If your training is elite and the "will" of your associates is strong you will be more profitable. With managers, we recommend clients find a blend of attitude, skill and knowledge and develop them consistently with purpose. We work with clients to customize their training based on their specific needs. We assess your current talent and create a plan to develop and fill in on gaps.